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If you love Rumi and Hafiz
If you dance with the Beloved
If you like to dive deep and come up laughing

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The Lost Page
Our Secret Rendevous
Dance Intimately
Half-Hearted Isn't Enough
Shed Everything
The Chorus Girl

Love Bows at my Feet

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From Suni's sparkling innocence, her questioning about what is true takes us on a journey that informs us about a joyful and benevolent reality beyond anything our minds can imagine. Each poem can be enjoyed like a grape playfully rolling around the tongue, until the very last bit of the sweet flavor disappears and we are left satisfied.
Sharda Rogell
International meditation teacher.

In praise of Suniís poetry
Suniís poems have a wonderful lyrical, playful way of celebrating our immeasurable divine nature within the humble longings of our ordinary life.  Suni writes in the vein of the great Sufi poets, Rumi and Hafiz and other sages who use the language of the Beloved, the Divine and God to express the intimacy, wisdom and understanding of that which is unnameable and beyond the words.  I read Suniís poetry at meditation retreats, her humour, love and insight touches the heart of so many other seekers along the path.  Her poetry pours from a deep sublime generosity of heart and profound simplicity that is ageless.
Subhana Barzaghi
Meditation Teacher in the Insight and Zen traditions 
and Psychotherapist.

Suniís poetry reflects the simplicity, lightness and tenderness of her heart as she expresses her personal dance of mystical union. Each poem is a jewel to be savoured, revealing a facet of the mysterious depth. You are invited to enter with her into a delicate,vulnerable and sometimes flirtatious personal relationship of lover and Beloved.
Christine Dveirin
Diamond Approach - Teacher.

The seed of the great poet Hafiz has made it to New Zealand - Suni writes like his direct descendent, finding humour and wisdom in the sacred and the silly. I imagine God laughs when he reads Suni's glorious poetry, which so beautifully combines earthy humour and delicious insight with the sacred mystery of life.
Ocean Numan
Marketing Consultant and occasional thinker.

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