I would like to share some of this journey with you and the background to the poems.
The short version is that I woke up one morning in 2005 and the first line of the first poem was in my head. 
I turned on the light, fumbled for a piece of paper by my bed and found myself writing the whole poem. 

Stay open
you never know
when Love will come knocking
on the door
of your heart

keep the doorstep scrubbed clean
water the plants

when you hear Loveís knocking
take a peep
through the hole
stand on tiptoe

what clothes is Love wearing today?

leave the chores behind
come out and play  

letís pretend
we are lovers
standing on the brink of time
placing a flower
on every scrubbed doorstep
we can find.

I loved the feel and image of the ending but before I had time to enjoy it, 
two more poems arrived and by the end of the week there were 30 poems! 
Now, four years on, there are more than 200 spontaneous poems reflecting the heart-opening experiences
I have had on this journey so far. The words continue to teach me, touch me,
explain me to myself and ensure I never take myself too seriously.
I have included many of these poems in my book Knee Deep in Pleasure.
I hope they remind you too of who you are and who you have always been, whether you
name that as spirit, soul, God, presence, the heart, the Beloved or simply Love itself or no name at all.
I offer them to you from the joy, depth and lightness of my being.

  with love in the mystery,


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